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JC Discovery® is your partner to leverage key innovation therapeutics.

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R&D Partnerships

Give the best chance to novel immunotherapeutic strategies

With extensive network, a high level of expertise and advanced technologies, JC Discovery® offers to leverage key innovations and help develop your immunotherapeutic candidates with your team.

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JC Discovery® make your immunotherapeutic candidate a success

A unique platform

JC Discovery® scientists have and extensive expertise in the discovery and preclinical validation of the efficacy and the mechanism of action of immune-related therapeutics.

With its academic connections, know-how, state-of-the-art technology platforms,  JC Discovery® uses a unique Fast-TrackTM pipeline based on primary human T-cells and omics, and aiming at identifying, validating, and prioritizing drug targets and at elucidating the mechanisms of action of new innovative immunotherapeutic drugs.

The alliance of scientific network and technological platform

Technology is foundational to JC Discovery® work. By combining a large constellation of proprietary preclinical models of human diseases to a deep immunology scientific expertise including high-content multiparametric immunoprofiling, JC Discovery® is able to tackle and accelerate the understanding of the molecular and cellular basis underlying human diseases and assist in drug development.

We are eager to share our scientific knowledge with academia, biotechs, pharma, and scientific organizations worldwide to stimulate and help innovative therapeutic developments.

As nimble, science-organization, JC Discovery® partners with researchers from pharma and biotech companies, academics and tech transfer offices. We are working to understand the molecular and cellular basis of new therapeutic options to treat human diseases in oncology, inflammation, auto immunity and infection.

We welcome partners with advanced technologies to leverage key innovation and help enhance together the quality, efficacy, and productivity of translational capabilities to make early drug development a success.

By forging alliances with academic and industry partners, JC Discovery® stands on bold research to fulfill its mission: to advance the development and understanding the mechanism of action of breakthrough immune-related therapies.

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Give the best chance to novel therapeutic strategies

Novel strategies are thus needed to augment the overall efficacy of CAR-T cells to prevent these relapses and tackle solid tumor therapy. Therefore, much work remains to be done to expand the efficacy of immunotherapies. Along that line, fundamental immunology research is identifying novel immunotherapeutic targets and elucidating the molecular and cellular basis of anti-tumor immune responses.

The immune system is capable of recognizing and destroying tumors as illustrated by the development, and approval of several novel clinical immunotherapies. CAR-T cell therapy for relapsed and refractory acute lymphoblastic leukemia, non-Hodgkin lymphoma, and multiple myeloma yields a high rate of complete responses, although a large fraction of patients will eventually relapse from their disease.

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