Fast-Track® Delivery

Easy and fast delivery with in-house transport solutions for your animal cohorts, biological products, and samples.

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What is Fast-track® Delivery?

Easy and fast delivery with in-house transport solutions for your animal cohorts, biological products, and samples

The Fast-Track® Delivery Solution is a logistics service integrated into
JC Discovery® that ensures the packaging and transport of all products and animals from JC Discovery® facilities.

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What are Fast-track® Delivery models & services?

Easy and fast delivery with in-house transport solutions for your animal cohorts, biological products, and samples

The Fast-Track™ fleet is composed of 20 ventilated and temperature-monitored trucks, fully equipped and approved for the transport of live animals, organs, and biological products/samples. The transport team consists of 25 drivers trained in animal and biological products handling.

The Fast-Track® Delivery Solution allows the collection and the preparation of animals, samples and products in optimal conditions close to the JC Discovery® facilities, direct to your facilities.
We are committed to implementing and respecting the highest 3Rs animal welfare requirements during the transport of your models.

A controlled environment with stable temperature, ventilation, and optimal delivery timeline, to reduce animal stress and ultimately ensure the stability, reproducibility, and homogeneity of the studies that you will perform.

Take advantage of our existing customised transport service

Administration management
Our international and dedicated department manages the entire administration of health certificates and customs management. We take care of the transport from our site to the departure airport.

Dedicated transport solution
We can supply you with a dedicated transport service with specific times, express delivery or find with you the best solutions in order to adapt to your research projects’ needs.

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Frequently asked questions

Who does take care of the customs formalities of the destination country?

Our team of commercial assistants manage with you all the regulatory aspects for shipping your models outside France.

What are the conditions to transport genetically edited models?

We have established an exclusive and strict transport policy to limit stress and respect the highest commitments of animals’ welfare during travel. All our delivery drivers are trained in biosecurity and animal welfare standards.
Motorways are systematically used to reduce jolting and journey times for the animals.
Our teams of drivers are based in different areas in Europe in order to ensure that our rodents’ journeys take place in one go without stopping throughout Europe. This policy enables us to reduce the animals’ transport time.

Which packaging will be used to transport my model safely?

Innovative transport packaging has been designed and created to unable the transport of newly designed models with the highest commitments of welfare.
We ensure health status of the models by using a perfect isolation of the crate with performant air filtration system. The hermetic crates do not include neither staple nor metallic element present to invoid injuries. They contain sterile and hydrating transport gel, together with bedding and enrichment inside the crate. Our innovative crates are 100% recyclable packaging designed to be reused.

How are the environment constants monitored during the transport?

Our own fleet of air-conditioned and ventilated lorries are specially equipped for the carriage of laboratory rodents and approved by the veterinary authorities. We assure a traceability of transport conditions thanks to a temperature recorder.